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About Our Store

Long-Lost Friends - Your Neighborhood Bookstore


Long-Lost Friends opened in June of 1992, and happily served the Bear Creek area (just outside Houston) for 23 years. At last count, we had over 65,000 books in our store. We carry a broad range of books, in Children's, Horror, Science Fiction, Romance, Western, War/Adventure, Non-Fiction, General Fiction, Mystery, and others. If you don't see the author or the books that are on your 'find' list, drop us a note. With over 65,000 books in the store, there are many more titles and authors than we can list on the website. We can check our shelves for your wants.

In 2012, Long-Lost Friends was chosen by the Houston Press as the Best Used Bookstore in the Houston area. This was a great honor for us, and we would like to thank our employees and customers for making this possible.

Brick and Mortar Store Closed - June 1, 2015

Due to declining business, we were forced to close our store in Bear Creek. We donated a very large percentage of our inventory to local schools and teachers, and 400 to 500 boxes of books to local charities. We simply had no room to store this many books. We kept a large quantity of number of filled boxes - enough to fill our garage and a storage room. We are working our way through both of these, and will wind up with around 20,000 books listed. We appreciate your patience for giving us the time to complete this project.

 Because the books currently listed on our website are mixed in these boxes (about 300 or so!), it may take us extra time to find books that are ordered. We apologize for the delay, and will process orders as quickly as possible.